Where our quest for great wine begins...

Our Quest begins with the search for the highest quality sites in the range of terroirs in which we work - those we hope to be of “Grand Cru” stature in their separate Viticultural Areas (AVA). Ours has been a unique approach in that the majority of our vineyards were custom planted in partnership with small scale farmers. Ken’s background in viticultural and clonal research was utilized in a very practical way to optimize each of the planted sites. This has been a long term approach starting with the Mink Vineyard in 1995, then with Toyon Farm in 1998, and continued with our most recent plantings at Red Dog Vineyard. Our "long distance relationships” with Kathy Joseph’s Fiddlestix Vineyard in 2003 and Dick Shea’s Vineyard in 2008 are the only exceptions to this approach as the blocks were pre-existing. As it stands, our current lineup includes vines grown in the following viticultural areas: Carneros, Coombsville, Russian River, Sonoma Mountain, Willamette Valley, Santa Rita Hills.

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