The Quest

A winemaker’s quest in pursuit of his art...

A quest implies unknown horizons, and our Quest is no exception. The Pinot Noir grape, when given constant care and nurturing in the vineyard combined with patience and attention to detail in the winery, can choose to reward our dedication at unexpected times and in unforeseeable ways. A bountiful harvest might allow us to hold back grapes from a special block for separate bottling or a particular barrel might just be aging to a unique perfection, begging to be bottled alone. Our Quest thus brings many rewards which we share with those that choose to follow us on this journey.

Joining us on The Quest, you will be in an exclusive position to follow our story and reap the first fruits of our labors. Each vintage will give you a very specific time and place bottled for your discovery, allowing you to intimately follow Ken’s masterful winemaking as he makes adjustments based on what he feels is best for that vintage.

Quest Only Benefits

  • 2 Shipments a year. One in March/April and another in October.
  • Special pricing on ALL wines purchased.
  • Privileged access to limited-production, highly-allocated releases.
  • Privileged access to releases from the Ancien Wines cellar.
  • Private, personalized visits.
  • Invitations to special winery dinners and events.

Start here

Choose your access to The Quest: Passport, Premier Cru, or Grand Cru.
There is no cost to join. You are charged only for the wine when it is shipped.
Click on a Quest level to see the details of each path.

Passport to The Quest

The Passport allows you enter the world of The Quest. We offer a small selection of our wines as an introduction to each release, a taste upon which we encourage you to dig deeper to uncover the many nuances of Pinot Noir, which we strive to faithfully deliver from each distinct vineyard we source from.

The Quest, Premier Cru

We work closely with the vineyards, never over-manipulating the fruit, to allow the terroir to express itself fully. This also leaves the door open for the vines to reward us something uniquely special. The Premier Cru level of the Quest presents us with the opportunity to share these rare and distinctive offerings with the people who love our wines.

The Quest, Grand Cru

Are you ready to discover the many secrets held within the pinecone shaped clusters of Pinot Noir grapes? The Grand Cru level of The Quest gives you an all-access pass to Ancien’s past, present, and future. You will discover just how important climate and growing conditions of a year can be when pop the cork on that library selection of Pinot Noir you received in your shipment.