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2009 Carneros Chardonnay

Powerful, focused fruit announces the wine immediately.  Nectarine, yellow peach, key lime, citric zest, lemon cream, and Asian pear overlay complex notes of fig, brioche, ripe melons, and cardamom.  Intense palate weight and luscious fruit tannins are countered by a full, zesty acidity that lifts and carries the fruit towards the finish, layering atop the mouth-filling minerality that carries throughout the entire finish.   The tannins, minerality, and acidity that are the calling card of well-raised, true Old Wente Chardonnay are in full display.  This is a wine to enjoy now, in its youth, however, its truest personality and complete depth will continue to unfold for several years to come.

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2009 Carneros Pinot Noir

A brooding, well-structured, rich, and textural Pinot Noir. The nose is pronounced and spicy, opening with dried cranberry and rose petal, well-spiced with clove, cardamom, and cinnamon, over top aromas of plum and strawberry and sandalwood. The palate is dominated by an almost visceral layer of mouth-coating tannins and mid-palate flavors of cherry, plum, strawberry, bramble berries, and balanced with a bright, palate-lifting acidity. The palate moves seamlessly towards a darker finish, with the fruit flavors developing into a dried fruit complexity coupled with tobacco and dark chocolate and a zesty minerality.

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2009 Napa Valley "Mink Vineyard"

Take the intense profundity of the 2007 Mink and combine it with the sheer elegance of the 2008 vintage from this vineyard, and you begin to understand the pleasing balance of the 2009. A powerful and generous nose opens with aromatics of blueberry, rich earth, and cassis interwoven with lilac and lavender, with notes of wild mushroom and cocoa. The palate is all dark fruits, brambly berries and black raspberry, spiced again with cocoa and cardamon. As usual, the acidity is bright and crisp, and the chalky fine tannins linger long and coat the palate with a distinctive minerality. With age, this wine will develop a broad, deep, and rich palate, balanced with bright and youthful fruit notes.

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2009 Oregon "Shea Vineyard"

The nose is announced with a bright, spiced fruit aroma of strawberries and cherries and a pronounced earthiness. Dried mushrooms, cloves, forest floor, and holiday spices provide the introduction to dried fruits and the subtly of fresh cut roses, geraniums, and clover. The fruit on the palate is lush and palate filling, bramble berries and black cherries, black raspberries, all carrying a hint of earthy spice.

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2009 Russian River

The nose on this wine is uncharacteristically spicy, emphasizing a rich spiciness typically saved for the back of the palate for this wine. Cinnamon, clove, and mint lay atop the rich black cherry, cherry cola, plums, cassis, strawberry pie, and tilled earth on the nose. Similar dark and juicy fruit flavors explode on the palate, expanding throughout the mid-palate while also revealing hints of red fruits and underlying layers of pepper, vanilla bean, espresso bean, and cacao. Smoky tannins draw out a finish of light strawberries and plums.

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2009 Sonoma Mountain "Red Dog Vineyard"

The nose opens to an exotic flush of roses, lilacs, holiday spices, dried mushrooms, along with ripe cherries and candied plum. The fruit expands in the glass to include fresh black cherry, cherry preserve, ripe plums, dried cranberries, and hints of geranium and pipe tobaccos. The palate is rich and concentrated, with the fruit flavors tending toward plum, black cherry, and pomegranate. Boysenberry and strawberry are hinted at as the acidity lifts the mid-palate. The palate fills with an earthen and tannic strength and the finish is long and dominated by fine, dry tannins and dried fruits.

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2009 Sta Rita Hills "Fiddlestix Vineyard"

Intense, fresh fruits lead the palate, settling on the mid-palate with focused, ripe flavors of strawberry, cassis, and currants. The nose is enticing and layered, with fresh fruits laying over top of orange peel, holiday spices, tobacco, and stony earth. Good acidity provides brightness and balance, while structure, always a strong suit for this wine, is emphasized by mouth-filling tannins. The spicy aromatics continue through the long finish. This a wine that will lay down nicely for a decade or longer, filling out the palate with rich, organic, and earthy flavors, while its strong tannins resolve into a silken and even longer palate.

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2008 Carneros

The nose is bold, a bit flashy even, and full of ripe melon, Asian pear, and tropical fruits. Jasmine, citrus zest and the tangy notes of meringue spice the fruitiness along with a whiff of brioche and brulee. The wine progresses into tastes and aromas of crisp apple, lychee nut, and juicy fruit flavors of pear, peach, and lime. The palate is crisp and fresh, thanks to a well-balanced acidity that lasts through to the finish and melts into this wine’s signature minerality.

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2008 Carneros "Sangiacomo Vineyard" Pinot Gris

Tangerine, honeysuckle, Asian pear, orange blossom, and honey--with a whiff of marzipan and jasmine--provide the exotic backdrop to our Pinot Gris. The palate expands and softens into round melon flavors mixed with apricot and ripe tangerine, finishing with a smooth viscosity braced by key lime and acidity. Mineral and spice notes mingle with tropical fruit for a long finish. Pair this with grilled meats, seafood, pastas with olive oil or cream sauces, Asian cuisine...the combination of its rich mid-palate, smooth tannins, and acidic structure make this wine unusually versatile at the table.

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2008 Carneros "Toyon Farm"

As usual, this is a brooding Pinot Noir, emphasizing dark flavors and rich textures. However, the nose is more pronounced than usual leading with whiff of kirsch and dried rose petals, hinting towards dried cranberries and strawberries with ripe plums accented by cacao, clove, cardamom, cinnamon. The palate opens with more spices and mid-palate of plum, strawberry, and cherry. The palate continues to develop richness, a significant tannic mouth-feel and bramble berries.

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