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Fiddlestix Vineyard

Fiddlestix"Coolness & Consistency"
Santa Rita Hills
Kathy Joseph, Owner
Pinot Noir (667, 115)

This gem of a vineyard sits seven miles inland from the Pacific alongside the Santa Ynez River. The valley provides a consistent draw for Pacific currents, resulting in lower daily highs and higher nightly lows than we experience in much of the Northern California wine growing regions. The vineyard is planted on a variety of underlying soils, including alluvial clays, maritime loams, and decomposed loams and shales from the surrounding hillsides. Our involvement in the farming of this vineyard is uniquely hands-off. Kathy's program is one that we have tremendous faith it, a faith based firmly in the consistently superior quality of Fiddlestix fruit. Kathy provides grapes to a hand-picked coterie of Pinot Noir wineries, most of them Central Coast neighbors of hers. We are the lone Napa representative working with this esteemed vineyard. Kathy's crew harvests our block in the middle of the night. We load up the truck at daybreak and drive north. The grapes are crushed and in safely in their cold soak by beer-time, harvest day.