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2013 Oregon "Shea Vineyard" Pinot Noir

2013 Oregon "Shea Vineyard" Pinot Noir



Always brimming with earthy, organic aromas, and this vintage is no exception. Right now would be perfect with grilled salmon and other summer barbecue!

About the Vineyard...

Dick Shea planted his first vines in the late 80’s, just a few short years after Ken Bernards moved from the Willamette Valley, his birthplace, to Napa to work his first harvest. The vineyards have grown, along with Shea’s reputation for quality, and today his vines produce a disproportionately large percentage of the most renowned Willamette Pinot Noirs. Good sedimentary soils, sitting on two well-drained hillsides, along with careful, sustainable farming practices, routinely yield quality, well-ripened fruit in a viticultural area known for wide vintage variation. Wine makers and wine connoisseurs alike look to Shea for Pinot Noirs with density, structure, and intense, spicy fruit.

About the Vintage...

A heralded vintage in Oregon, 2012 produced modest yields of beautiful fruit. The harvest window saw nary a threat of unwanted precipitation and the fruit benefited from everything the vines had to give. This nice stretch of weather carried us all the way to the October 10th harvest date. 2012 marks the first year we have introduced 20% Pommard clone into our blend, previously 100% Wadenswil. It looks to be considered one of the classic vintages for years to come.

About the Wine...

Ken returns to the land of his youth, Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Working with fruit grown this far from the winery produces special challenges and requires an extremely high element of trust between the wine maker and the grower. Dick Shea’s farming skills are up to this challenge. This was the last fruit that we harvested. It fermented traditionally in one ton, open top containers using hand punch downs to achieve optimal extraction. Gravity provided movement from reception through pressing with inert gas used from then on. It was aged in Francois Freres cooperage for sixteen months and racked once in the spring time. 248 cases produced.

Tasting Notes...

Always brimming with earthy, organic aromas, and this vintage is no exception. The rich, tilled earth is peppred with light toasty notes, dried floral perfumes, clover, rose petal and geranium flower. Rich and ripe, the nose shows plenty of blackberry, huckleberry, and wild strawberry. The palate is rich and broad, generous with plum, blackberry, blueberry, with mouth-coating, chocolatey tannins. The acid lifts the otherwise dark and deep palate considerably, helping to further emphasize the well-developed tannin and minerality throughout the finish. Balanced, deep, and exceptionally well-structured, this wine will cellar nicely for 5-10 years while becoming more silken in texture and adding additional perfumes to its aromatic bouquet.