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2013 Napa Valley Musque Chardonnay  
Intense fruit and floral notes blend to make an exceptionally delightful expression of Chardonnay. A very limited production of a very special wine. Available for the first time online, this wine was released for the first time last year. AVAILABLE ONLINE UNTIL MAY 31, 2015 ONLY.
2013 Carneros Chardonnay  
Opulent aromatics of honeysuckle, melon, Asian pear, and fig complement notes of citrus, peaches, lychee, and kiwi. A bright and luscious Chardonnay appropriate for every occasion.
2013 Carneros "Sangiacomo Vineyard" Pinot Gris  
Spectacular aromatics fleshed out with a flinty, mineral mouthfeel and lingering finish. Pairs wonderfully with shellfish and spicy, tropical foods!
2013 Carneros Pinot Noir  
Florals, fruits, and earthy spices combine to offer a lush, balanced expression of Carneros terroir.
2013 Russian River "Jouissance" Pinot Noir  
Awaken your palate with a sensual journey into the hedonistic layers of fruit and spice hidden in this silky Pinot Noir.
2013 Coombsville-Napa Valley "Mink Vineyard" Pinot Noir  
Simply a mouthwatering Pinot Noir from a most unique of terroirs!
2012 Oregon "Shea Vineyard" Pinot Noir  
Always brimming with earthy, organic aromas, and this vintage is no exception. The rich, tilled earth is peppred with light toasty notes, dried floral perfumes, clover, rose petal and geranium flower. Rich and ripe, the nose shows plenty of blackberry, huckleberry, and wild strawberry. The palate is rich and broad, generous with plum, blackberry, blueberry, with mouth-coating, chocolatey tannins.
2012 Carneros Chardonnay  
Effusive aromatics of melon, pear, and fig accented with Granny Smith apples and tangerine. Chalky, wet stone and graphite add nuance, topped with decadent creme brulee and brioche. Intense palate weight and luscious fruit tannins fill the mid-palate, finishing with mouth-filling minerality. Citrus flavors are intermixed with peaches and cream and citron notes. Cardamom, and toasty biscotti notes, liven the palate, leading into the finish which is long, layered, and complex. The tannins, minerality, and acidity that are the calling card of well-raised, true Old Wente Chardonnay are in full display.
2012 Coombsville - Napa Valley "Haynes Vineyard" Chardonnay  
Planted in 1966, the Old Wente selection growing on the top of the hill at Haynes Vineyard continues to produce flavorful grapes that develop into a profound chardonnay that displays an intense presence. Inspired by the Chardonnay of Montrachet this wine is dense, structured, complex, and concentrated coupled with mouthwatering minerality it is a white wine for red wine drinkers.
2013 Carneros "Toyon Farm" Pinot Noir  
A deeply intense expression of Carneros terror. We made only six and a half barrels of this dark, smooth Pinot Noir with distinguished history.
2012 Sta Rita Hills "Fiddlestix Vineyard" Pinot Noir  
This is a bold Pinot Noir, rambunctious in its youth and promising to unfold with grace into its maturity. The nose is densely packed with rich fruits, black cherry, cassis, blackberry, grape blossome, citrus zest, orange blossom, wet slate, cardamom, and blood orange. Intense, fresh fruits lead the palate, settling on the mid-palate with focused, ripe flavors of grape, black cherry, cassis, and currants, intermixed with holiday spice, woody notes, cola, and tobacco notes. Brilliant acidity provides brightness and balance, while structure, always a strong suit for this wine, is emphasized by mouth-filling tannins. The spicy aromatics continue through the long finish.
2012 Sonoma Mountain "Red Dog Vineyard" Pinot Noir  
Subtle and alluring, with a finish that goes on for a long, long time. Exhibiting floral notes amid scents of the ocean owing to its dramatically unique terroir - a package of quiet and exotic beauty. The mouth feel is soft and rich, with a considerable acidic lift.

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